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Blood Transfusions in dogs

There aren't very many days around the clinic that are what some would call "NORMAL", this day was one of those not so normal days. We had a patient in and owners had gone trough symptoms with Dr. Lewis and staff. She Presented with a runny nose, moist lungs, bloodshot eyes, trembling and a very high temperature. The team ran tests and they found her to have Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia. This may sound scary but Dr. Lewis knew just what to do, this dog needed a blood transfusion and fast, when a dog has Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia their blood can't clot and they have a low blood cell count, if detected early by the necessary blood work the dog can be treated with steroids and they will be fine but they needed to remedy this quickly because she was one sick pup. A transfusion of this size needed a large dog to donate blood. We as humans hear all the time how important it is to donate blood, well we need blood from our fur friends just as much. With out hesitation head tech Cam said I will go get my Scout he will be perfect. When they got back to the clinic they automatically set the apparatus up and the dog began her very LARGE transfusion she will also need to go on a steroid regimen. We would like everyone to take this into consideration and talk to an employee at the clinic to see if your furry friend would make a good donor. We can't store the blood for very long here at the clinic but would like to have some pets on call in case we need them

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