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     An alarming number of cases of severe diarrhea in horses have been noted in the Big Horn Basin over the last several weeks.  Laboratory testing has confirmed that these horses have been affected with Potomac Horse Fever.  Potomac Horse Fever is a bacterial infection caused by a Rickettsia bacterium.  These bacteria are unique in that they invade the host and attack and live inside the host’s cells; this causes severe damage to the i...


     Most veterinarians strongly recommend that dog owners get their dog spayed between 4 and 6 months of age.  We are going to take a moment and describe why those recommendations are being made.


Top 5 Reasons to Spay Your Dog

  • Pet Overpopulation

  • Drive to Wonder

  • Pyometra

  • Mammary Tumors

  • Heat cycles/ False pregnancies

     The first reason we recommend spaying your dog is that while we all love our canin...



An outbreak of Vesicular Stomatitis, or VS, has been making its way across the western states for the last few weeks.  Vesicular Stomatitis is a viral infection that is spread from horse to horse via insects as well as direct contact when horses are in close quarters.  Horses that have been infected demonstrate blister like lesions on their lips and tongue.  In severe cases blister lesions can be seen around the hooves and around the t...

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