Outside the Box Medicine

By Tori Steinmetz-Lewis, DVM

Through the course of many years of practice it has become apparent that it is not common place within the medical community to really think about our patients. 

Instead we are taught the body systems independently and often by completely different individuals who are specialists in that system.  However, that type of education system leads to a nasty tendency to create practitioners who become lazy.  Instead of seeking out what the real problem is, we instead become content to simply treat the symptoms.  This results in patients that are on long-term chronic medications, which they often become problematic over time. 


Our goal with “Outside the Box Medicine” is to think of our patient as a whole patient.  Often times that means choosing a treatment course that does not rely on long-term pharmacologicals and being open to alternative techniques.  We do end up utilizing many techniques commonly referred to as integrative medicine:



herbal therapy

essential oils

laser therapy


physiologic medicine

and much more


We take the concept of integrative medicine further, though to meet our standards of “Outside the Box Medicine”.  “Outside the Box Medicine” sometimes means that we intentionally choose not to give our patients a medication, for example, we do not recommend our patients be given every vaccine available, but rather only the ones that fit their lifestyle.  The body’s response to a vaccination is not physiologically free, after all.  Other times “Outside the Box Medicine” means making an eye drop from essential oils so an owner can treat an aging mule, or maybe it means picking up a patient for standard in-clinic diagnostics because an owner is recovering from surgery. 


“Outside the Box Medicine” is us being willing to think about what our patients need in all aspects of their life to be the healthiest they can be.  This is an effort that is continually growing and changing, but we will be actively posting as we gather knowledge that support our efforts.