November 2018:

The Wyoming Livestock Board has sent out a statement announcing that all horses that were quarantined surrounding a horse, in Colorado, that tested positive the EIA over the summer have been released from quarantine with no additional cases noted.  For more information on EIA, which is the disease tested for when we run a Coggins test, read more here.

The State Veterinary office has made an announcement that there has been a newly identified case of Brucellosis in a cow in Teton County.  Further testing has shown five other cows from the same herd to be “reactors” when tested.  Additional testing is being performed while the herd is under quarantine.  Since the cow that has tested positive was found within the Designated Surveillance Area (DSA), it is hoped that the currently DSA boundaries seem sufficient.  We will await further information as to the 5 cows currently being re-tested. Read more on Brucellosis here.